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Domestic elevator companies must fight hard for internal skills

The scale of the 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition held in Langfang, Hebei, at the end of April was larger than any previous one, confirming once again the title of WEEE (WorldElevator & EscalatorExpo'2010) "World's Largest Elevator Exhibition".

The market is like this. Once a certain manufacturer's energy-saving products have performed well in the market, many manufacturers will naturally follow. As far as this exhibition is concerned, many mainstream manufacturers in the industry, such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, KONE and other world-renowned elevator manufacturers, displayed the world's safest, most advanced, most environmentally friendly, most energy-efficient, and lowest-carbon products on the scene. Faced with such a situation, it is inevitable to talk about the future development of the industry and topics related to competition and survival.

As China's earliest industry opened to the outside world, China's elevator industry has been affected by various "cannibalization" measures by foreign investment. The original eight state-owned enterprise elevator brands have been completely obliterated. The market share of foreign brands' monopoly was as high as 95%. In recent years, a group of national elevator companies have worked hard for internal strength and counterattacked the Jedi, winning a quarter of the world's new market situation.

Market space is far from saturated

China is currently the world's largest elevator market. This situation will continue for a long time, so people in the industry are generally confident about the future development of the industry.

According to Ren Tianxiao, chairman of the China Elevator Association, last year, due to the global financial crisis, China ’s elevator exports fell by 23.4%, but domestic demand increased by 12.9%, and the total elevator output increased by 6.5% over the previous year, reaching 26.1. Ten thousand units, more than half of the world's total output. In the next five years, the domestic and export markets of China ’s vertical elevator and escalator markets will account for 1/2 and 1/3 of the entire global market, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, and the market has a bright future.

For the domestic market, China's economic construction has continued to grow rapidly, and the process of urbanization has been accelerating. The number of residential buildings, as well as public facilities such as airports, subways, and office buildings, has increased significantly, providing huge business opportunities for the development of the elevator industry.

At the same time as the new markets continue to expand, the mandatory scrap system for special equipment has also brought new opportunities to the elevator renovation market in China. According to the reporter's understanding, according to foreign elevator service life practices, the general design life of Japanese series elevators is 15 years, the design life of European and American elevators is 25 years, and the number of elevators in China has exceeded 1 million. The market capacity for retrofitting elevators will remain above 120,000. China is the country with the most elevators in the world. This huge market for elevator reconstruction has attracted the attention of many manufacturers.

Rapid development of domestic enterprises

The International Elevator Show attracted more than 600 manufacturers from domestic elevator parts manufacturers to foreign elevator manufacturers. The scene was so hot that people lamented the agglomeration effect brought by China's rapid economic growth.

The reporter learned that many domestic medium-sized enterprises such as Kangli Group, Suzhou Shenlong, Jiangnan Jiajie, etc. have converged with large enterprises in terms of production conditions and product quality, and some enterprises have also satisfied the market diversification with their unique products. demand.

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