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National Large-scale Open-pit Mine Complete Equipment Symposium Held

From May 12th to 13th, the National Large-scale Open-pit Mine Complete Equipment and Key Technology Symposium convened by China Machinery Industry Federation, hosted by Luoyang Mining Machinery Engineering Design and Research Institute, and co-organized by Sinosteel Hengzhong was held at Sinosteel Hengzhong.

The meeting carried out two centralized discussions and revisions of the national large-scale mine complete equipment development and key technology research project proposals drafted by various domestic research and development units, and strived to include large-scale open-pit mine complete equipment development and key technology research in the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". "The major science and technology support plan has received policy and financial support to promote the overall development level of China's large open-pit mine equipment to reach international advanced levels and improve international competitiveness.

In order to complete the research on major key common technologies of large-scale mine complete sets of equipment, and implement a technology innovation mechanism combining enterprises as the mainstay, and combining production, teaching, and research, the conference also proposed the establishment of a large-scale open-pit mine technology alliance and adopted the constitution of the alliance.

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