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Jinzhou Coal Port starts construction
On June 12, the construction of the coal terminal project in Jinzhou Port, Liaoning Province started. This large coal port with a special coal transportation railway will build a brand-new channel to the sea for the rich coal resources in eastern Inner Mongolia.

The first phase of the Jinzhou Port Coal Terminal is located on the west coast of the current Jinzhou Port. Three 70,000-ton coal loading berths will be constructed to form the quay shoreline of 820 meters. The total investment of the project is about 4.19 billion yuan. After completion, it will form 35 million Tonnage / year loading capacity.

The first phase of the Jinzhou Port coal terminal is 53%, 33%, 10%, and 4% by CPIC Baiyinhua Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Port Co., Ltd., Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Guodian Northeast Power Co., Ltd. The construction was funded and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on April 14 this year. After completion, it will be a large-scale professional wharf providing coal public transport services for the society.

Supporting the Jinzhou Coal Port, a 287.7-km coal transportation railway (Jinchi Railway) from Jinzhou West Port Station, via Huludao City, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, to Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia has been completed on June 28, 2009 Construction. Previously, the Chidabai Railway led by China Power Investment Corporation was completed and opened to traffic in December 2008. This railway started from Chifeng City in the south, passed Daban Town, and ended in Baiyinhua, with a total length of about 331 kilometers.

Lu Qizhou, general manager of China Power Investment Corporation, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony on the 12th, said that the Jin-Chi Railway is scheduled to open in 2013. By then, the rich resources of Baiyinhua, Wujianfang and other coal fields in the Xilinguole League of Inner Mongolia will be transported by rail to the sea in Jinzhou Port, becoming A supply line that guarantees national energy demand.

The eastern region of Inner Mongolia is rich in coal resources, with prospective coal reserves of more than 220 billion tons, which can provide energy support for many provinces in the Northeast and even the South. The biggest bottleneck facing it is the difficulty in shipping coal.

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