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Large blast furnace challenges steel companies in the future
Although high iron ore prices are the most problematic problem for Chinese steel companies now, a few years later, coking coal may become another major problem for steel companies.

"Many steel experts now require the construction of 5,000 and 4,000 cubic meters of large blast furnaces, but most of China's coking coal can only meet the needs of blast furnaces below 1500 cubic meters." On May 12, Xu Zhongbo, a professor at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, told everyone that five years later I won't talk about iron ore anymore. I will talk about coking coal imports.

After a net increase of four times in imports last year, China's imports of coking coal have surged nearly four times in the first two months of this year. Xu Zhongbo was worried that if large-scale blast furnaces were built in China, it would inevitably lead to an increasingly tight dependence on coking coal resources, which could have become a "second crazy iron ore."

Large volume of blast furnace

Taking into account the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, the "Iron and Steel Industry Development Policy" formulated by relevant state departments proposes that the steel industry should gradually phase out blast furnaces below 1,000 cubic meters, and new blast furnaces must be large blast furnaces. At present, the largest BF in China comes from Shagang Group, a private steel company. On October 21 last year, the 5,800 cubic meter blast furnace of Shagang Group officially ignited, and its ironmaking capacity was suddenly increased by 5 million tons. The second is the steel project launched by Shougang and Tanggang in Caofeidian, Hebei. Its blast furnace is 5,500 cubic meters, and the project has been put into production last year. Compared to these two blast furnaces, the 4050 m3 blast furnace of the Anshan Iron and Steel Group Bayuquan Project has been “lagging behind”.

In addition, in order to reduce energy consumption, small-volume blast furnaces are being phased out in China. On February 6, the State Council issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Elimination of Backward Production Capacity”, which clearly stipulates that the steel industry will phase out 300 m3 and below blast furnaces, 20 tons and below converters and electric furnaces by the end of this year, and will continue to do so by the end of 2011. Another 400 cubic meters and below blast furnaces, 30 tons and below converters and electric furnaces will be eliminated.

"The large blast furnace has advantages, such as increased labor productivity and greatly reduced environmental protection costs, but its fatal disadvantage is that domestic coke quality is unlikely to fully adapt to large-volume blast furnaces." Long Chunman, former chief engineer of Angang Group, was interviewed by this newspaper. When said.

High demand for coking coal

Long Chunman said that large volume ratio blast furnaces require coke with a relatively high drum index, that is, coke has a high strength and abrasion resistance, especially for blast furnaces with a capacity of more than 5,000 cubic meters. High strength, you must rely on high-quality coking coal and mix coking coal, fertilizer gas coal, fat coal, lean coal, etc., in order to get the true maximum drum index, and then to obtain real high-quality coke.

Analysts told this newspaper that domestic first-grade coke could not be satisfied in blast furnaces with a capacity of more than 5,000 cubic meters, and super-grade coke must be used.

Their views are in line with the views of an expert at Shougang. Since Shougang launched a 5,500 cubic meter blast furnace in Caofeidian, this company has the most say. The above-mentioned Shougang experts told this newspaper that not all of the coking coal used in the Caofeidian project depends on imports, but it must import a portion of high-quality coking coal to match the domestic coking coal.

Since last year, Anshan Iron and Steel has also started to import coking coal resources from abroad. Prior to this, Anshan Iron & Steel had mainly purchased domestic coking coal. In this regard, Anji Iron & Steel's secretary Fu Ji will tell this newspaper that last year the import of coking coal from abroad was mainly due to the lower price of foreign coking coal than domestic, not for technical reasons. In his opinion, domestic coking coal can technically meet the requirements of the Bayuquan project.

"But now the price of coal at home and abroad is almost the same." Fu Ji said. Analysts at CITIC Construction expect that Angang will import more coking coal this year.

"I don't advocate building a blast furnace with a capacity of more than 5,000 cubic meters, because China's coke quality is difficult to adapt to," said Long Chunman. "I think that 3,000 to 4,000 cubic meters is more suitable, and it is not necessary to be too large."
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